Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimization is very much essential for the business which is operated through the websites since the most effective way to attract more and more frequent visitors to your website is very much effective using the Social Media Optimization techniques as SEO. If you are able to attract more and more visitors then these visitor will be your potential customers.

Social Bookmarking is the recent trend in search engine optimization technique, which has gained recognition as part of a new type of website optimization process, termed “social media optimization (SMO).”

Social Book marking, also known as “social bookmarketing”, is the term used for bookmarking sites on the web and sharing them with friends in your network.

It is similar to bookmarking a page of novel or your favorite story or in the web  site on your pc, in the “favorites” of your web browser which makes you ease to remember the page of your novel or story or the web page in the internet browsing.

Since the popular sites are regularly crawled by search engines, your site will be crawled in the process of crawling the sites. Article submissions, Blog posting, press release submissing, RSS submissions techniques are also used simultaneously.

We focus on the following things while doing Social Media Optimization:

Our SMO Experts at SEO Nepal being the frequent user of these popular social bookmarking sites have an expertise in optimizing the site to get more and more amount of new and returning visitors thereby dragging high amount of traffic to the site.

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