SEO Process


Initial Website Analysis

SEO Nepal will analyze your site: Where does your web site currently ranked on major search engines and what, if anything, have you done to optimize it. Analysis of competition, in which competitive analysis will be done and which help our SEO Engineers to know what strategies they should use.

01 Keyword research and validation

Through a detailed study we know the keywords in place and largely used by the public they will target your company. Match in the keywords is an essential step for the success since it will transport visitors from search engines  to your website. Is the current keywords driving the targeted visitors to your site? We’ll study the competitive landscape and help you choosing keywords for which top rankings are realistic and achievable.

02 Initial site optimization

We’ll make sure your site is properly balanced in terms of keyword density, meta tags and title tags. We’ll then take a new measurement and watch for changes in rankings across the major search engines. which will optimize the tags in various aspects.

03 Reporting

Reporting is scheduled based on the excitability of your category. If search engines frequently visit your site, we’ll run more reports and make ongoing revisions based on changes in rankings represented in those reports.

04 Content development

In many cases, additional content is needed for sites to obtain and maintain top rankings. The SEO experts at emfluence can provide guidance in developing the right kind of content. Content development and analyzing group at SEO Nepal will write effective contests if necessary.

05 Link building

The number of inbound links to your site heavily affects search engine rankings. We’ll help you develop a link building strategy that will help the search engines learn what your site is truly about.

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