Domain Registration


Choosing a domain name is not an easy work. It is important to choose a domain that resembles to your job and suits your service. For the search engine perspective, SEO friendly domain name are very important since, inclusion of the keywords are very effective in the domain name.

Many people take this task as an ordinary work and do not consider such entities relating to the domain names and hence fail to grab a lot of opportunities. SEO Nepal offers you to domain Registration in Nepal with lots of experience and research. We are providing best domain registration service in Nepal since a long time back.  We also offer local Domain registration like .np domain registration. NP domain registration is free of charge but we do not guarantee for the name that you seek for your company.

Although there are many domain registrar and they charge very low price in Nepal. Many young guys are starting domain registration, hosting and web design service as a part time Job but they are seen to be seasonal. Since If they got the better opportunity in abroad they go there and they don't care about their clients. Domains they are handling will expire and clients lose their domain name with their brand name and reputations with their domain names.!


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