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My name is Basanta Acharya. Working on as Seo Expert for 6 years.

I am a search engine and tech enthusiast who loves to help people! I write here about my own experiences with search engines, link building, gadgets, and my rumblings on social media sites. I feel amazed to see the technology around the web that helps us so much to make our life easier and simpler. I can’t dream of a day without these stuff.  By my 6 years of experience in SEO/SEM have achieved many milestones during my tenure by bringing several competitive keywords on top search rankings. My skills and never-die attitude have always inspired me to discover newer and effective ways to beat online competition and to come out first in the race.

During my seo expertise, I have learned that no niche is impossible to have top results, it's just the way you understand it and the manner in which you tackle it. I have done extensive research on Internet marketing techniques and implemented them to gain client and personal satisfaction.


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Basanta Acharya
SEO Expert from Nepal

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